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A foundation for the rights of the pedigree dog

The ‘Stichting Ras en Recht / SRR Foundation for Pedigree Dogs’ was founded out of a sense of injustice towards breeders of pedigree dogs and in particular short-muzzled dogs. In our opinion, the enforcement criteria for short muzzled dogs in the Netherlands are not in line with the ‘Animal Keepers’ Decree’ of 2014 and are only intended to eliminate all short-muzzled breeds, healthy or not. The Foundation aims to get the enforcement criteria and in particular the CFR requirement off the table.

In addition, the Foundation will also dedicate itself to other breeds if this proves opportune and possible

Foundation Ras en Recht also wants healthy pedigree dogs. This for the time being with lowering for example the mean kinship and preventing inbreeding. This can be supplemented in the future with for example breeding value estimation to improve the health of the pedigree dog. The Foundation is committed to this and is involved in an international pilot project in this area.

It is important that pedigrees until the founders are available, and that worldwide. This makes it possible to make wise choices and to lower the mean kinship. This is a prerequisite to keep or get a breed healthy.

Dogs can also be tested for the most common hereditary diseases affecting the breed. These diseases can be introduced with the pedigrees so that one can start (anonymously) with breeding value estimation with which one can reduce the hereditary diseases in the breeds. This system is already used in cattle and zoos.

Edwin Meyer Viol

Stichting Ras en Recht

SRR/ Foundation for Pedigree Dogs