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Dear all

Yesterday a friend sent us a letter about the French intention to tackle the French dog world in an extreme way. All ‘extremes’ -whatever this means and however this is (probably) given shape in an unsubtle way- will be castrated and sterilized.   We have heard this sound – perhaps a little less extreme – from Germany before. As it seems, the Franco-German axis in the European Union is now going to determine the law without British criticism, they are going to determine how we should live and which freedoms we still get and which we do not. And this in Corona time where our freedom and privacy are already under maximum pressure.  The Dutch ministerial mentality, as the instigator of all this with its ban to breed on muzzle length, introduced this movement, based on half-truths and even untruths, but we will come back to that later.

The United Kingdom has left the European Union and is now allowed to determine its own laws. A dog minded country where they still value freedom and where they try to give the dogs a future. Maybe the British were not that stupid by taking back control of their own country.  And not just to let the economic space prevail over a country’s own freedom and the freedom of citizens needed to have a better quality of life. A little less prosperity then, but we are used to that after these corona crises.

The big question is if this becomes the way Western freedoms within the European Union are going  to be restricted, how quickly other countries will follow the British example.

Edwin Meyer Viol

P.s. We are at this very moment working on a case against the ban of breeding short muzzled dogs based on the CFR.  Please support us by donating for this case. ( )

The Franco-German axis

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