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The Dutch Kennel Club -for purebred dog- sponsors criminal animal rights activist.

On the 24th of May 2020 an article was published in the LOS ANGELES TIMES about Animals hope & Wellness, an American animal rights activist organization of Marc Ching. Marc Ching is now under ‘federal investigation’ and is linked to, among other things, financial fraud and animal abuse. It turns out that the Norwegian Kennel Club and the Dutch Kennel Club sponsored this criminal organisation.

In order to persuade sponsors to support his organisation, the animal rights activist himself, appears to have staged the animal abuse, torture and burning of dogs in order to be able to make a video. This abled him to collect more money on the emotion that animals evoke.

The Los Angeles Times says:

‘Marthen Wondang, a butcher at the Tomohon market, said Ching in 2016 bought four dogs at an inflated price and asked that they be killed in particular ways, including torching one alive, while he recorded the videos (Ronny Adolof Buo/ photo The Times)’.

In addition to financial fraud with sponsor money for his personal benefit, his claim to have gotten 1.000 mistreated dogs out of China is denounced and dismissed as ‘fake news’.  One of the reasons for this is to boycott the World Dogs Show in China (2019) because of Asian animal abuse.  Marc Ching, the animal right activist had already spent 10 years in prison for kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon, before founding ‘Animals hope’.

The key figure, the Dutch activist M.v.B. appears to be in this network for the Netherlands. On June 23 th , 2016 she writes that she is ‘thrilled’ to see that the Norwegian Kennel Club follows the example of the Dutch Kennel Club, to donate $ 5,500 to Marc Ching’s organization. M.v.B. turned out to be a close friend of Marc Ching and the CEO of the Norwegian Kennel Club, Trine Hage. In Norway the real intentions of the CEO were recognized some time later. The resistance against the World Dog show, the animal abuse in China but also about introducing “mutt” breeding.

Board members of the Norwegian Kennel Club and Breed Clubs had to tell the CEO of the Norwegian Kennel Club to leave. The CEO of the Norwegian Kennel Club had to bite the dust.

Our Dutch activist M.v.B. is still fully active in the Dutch pedigree and dog world and can continue her work unabated. Remarkable is her ‘Graussie project’, a cross breeding project. For which the Dutch Kennel Club offered her a platform in Raadar and Fairfok, this ‘Graussi project’ can still be found on the official website of the Dutch Kennel Club. A cross breeding project between a Griffon and an Australian Terrier that has seen the light of day through an ‘accidental’ mating (or bad kennel management?). After this “accident” they did great marketing, poured a scientific sauce over and called it “scientific project Graussie”. The Australian Griffon Breed Club, scientifically razed it completely to the ground. However, the CEO of the Dutch Kennel Club, R.D. is still waiting patiently for the official results of this experimental “Scientific Graussie” project from Griffonya. The complete results will never appear, the breed club Griffonya, recently disappeared quietly. Without the required number of members, minutes and members meetings, for years this breed club was only used by M.v.B. as a vehicle to occupy different positions within the Dutch Kennel Club.

This activist M.v.B. has also infected many breed clubs with the ‘mutt’ virus by taking the position of secretary on the board, a key position that can control the information flow within the breed clubs. The result is the propagation of ‘mutts’ that should lead to the destruction of the pedigree dog. Crossbreeding without a rational and legitimate reason to improve the health of the pedigree dog, by a structured and approved program but promoting wild ‘mutt’ breeding to simply eliminate the pedigree dog.

In the meantime the name of ‘Dutch Kennel Club for the pedigree dog’ has changed to ‘Dutch Kennel Club Keeping Dogs’. The presorting is clearly an omen for a changed course with more distance to the pedigree dog.

However, the question that needs to be asked is why the CEO of the Dutch Kennel Club, R.D. uses the money of the pedigree breeders to support activists and criminals, who just came out of jail after spending 10 years in jail.

This attitude also casts serious doubts on the meetings that the Dutch Kennel club refused to attend with the minister and the scientists regarding the enforcement criteria for short-muzzle dogs, as a result the minister issued a breeding ban for short-muzzle dogs. And our Dutch Kennel Club refuses to us our pedigree.

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Ir. Edwin Meyer Viol

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(Foundation Justice for the pedigree dog).

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